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Devoted to Satisfaction

My beautiful families whom I have cared for

I’m not happy unless my clients are happy, working day and night to guarantee their satisfaction, and making sure their vision for the event is realized in the final result. I’ve been receiving kind reviews and feedback for many years now, and am pleased to share with you the wonderful things that’ve been said about Life Celebration Events by Susan Gavran.

Dear Susan,

I attended a service at the Northern Suburbs Crematorium recently in which you were the celebrant. I was overwhelmed with emotion as I had been blessed with you as a celebrant for my Mum back in 2001! It's hard to put into words how beautiful you conducted the service for Rosie's mum and for my mum all those years ago. You are a very special person Susan. All the talk at the gathering in the function room afterwards was how beautiful you spoke, your calming voice and how warm and genuine you were. How I hope you are still gifting us when I go. You know I still take out the copy of Mum's service from time to time and your words bring a tear to my eye. Keep being you, you are one of a kind.

Joan Tindall

Joan Tindal

Hi Susan,

Just wanted to take the time to thank you enormously for the smooth running of my mother's funeral service. You are truly meant to do this work. Your kind voice, your smiling face, your benevolent essence and the way you officiate the proceedings as a celebration of my mother's life created a most wonderful experience and one to remember. Everyone at the service commented on your eloquent and professional manner. You were glowing as you spoke about my mother, you are a very special angel that I can see.  The poem you read by Khalil Gibran was perfect. The doves at the conclusion made it a superb ending to a memorable completion of my mother's journey home.

(You may use this testimonial if you wish.)

Thank you again and I will highly recommend you to my friends when appropriate.

Best wishes

Dalia ❤


Hello Susan,

I finally have a few moments to say a huge thank you for the magnificent way you conducted Mum's service today. So many of our guests commented on your sincerity and how you genuinely made the service reflect Gwen and the family.

I thank you for your support and professional but nurturing style which helped us all to get through. I am so pleased that you were available because you were, in every way as exceptional as I had remembered. It was a pleasure to have had you as part of our lives, even for a few days, in this difficult time.

Our warmest regards and sincere thanks,

Christine and Family  

Christine and family

Dear Susan,

"Where do we begin? From the moment we met you we knew you were the perfect person for Dad's service. You put us at ease and made us so incredibly comfortable. On the day of the service we felt like you held our hand all the way and your words and voice were like those of an angel.  How can we ever thank you enough for making our wonderful Dad's service so perfect.  How lucky the funeral industry is to have found you".

Julie, Sharon and April G Dec 2013

We would just like to say your service was incredibly beautiful.

Susan, the way you spoke and the words you said kept the funeral for Granny, a brighter occasion than a many number of funerals I have been to. 

I cannot thank you enough for being so kind to us and for encouraging us to get up and speak.  Your encouragement and presence on the day gave us the support and strength we needed to say what we wanted to.

Thanks to you, I look back on Granny's funeral and smile, I remember a day that was so beautifully done.  It was such a hard day to face, but thanks to you it was made so much nicer and more bearable.

Thank you for your kindness and your kind words Susan.  You really are a ray of sunshine during such a heart breaking time.

Heather and Family

Heather & Family

Dear Susan,

A little time has now passed since my daughter’s funeral in August. Since then I have been trying to gather my thoughts together after being in something of an internal fog for the past three weeks. I owe a number of people a sincere thank you for the help and support that they gave during a very difficult time for my wife and I.

You accepted the celebrant role for our daughter’s service, even though you were in the middle of a hard earned personal break.

I thank you for being there and for the manner in which you spoke on both our daughter’s and the family’s behalf. The family and friends that attended that day were extremely moved, not only by our daughter’s personal words but also by the very personal and sincere manner in which you presented them to us. It’s a gift, and as a grieving father I thank you for it. It’s a compliment to you that many of those who were there on the day later asked were you indeed a friend of Joanne’s. They sensed in you a depth of humanity and compassion that suggested a closer intimacy to Jo, something more than simply an unrelated celebrant. If I’m not mistaken I think you were genuinely moved yourself on the day.

There will be aspects of your profession that must give you deep satisfaction. I can grasp one or two I guess. I haven’t really thought on it too heavily. All I would like to say to you is that, for a brief period, as we bid farewell to my lovely troubled daughter, you eased our pain and ushered her out of our lives, physically at least, with words of immense comfort and promise. 

For all that you did, Sue and I are extraordinarily thankful."

Norm and Sue

Norm & Sue

Dearest Susan
I know my sister has already phoned to express our sincere gratitude for guiding us through such an important event in our lives. I cannot thank you enough, from the moment my sister spoke to you on the phone and you reassured us by saying you would be right over, it was like a huge weight was lifted. On meeting you, your calm, confident, cheerful manner and your professionalism in being aware of what we were hoping to deliver as well as your many wonderful suggestions, made us wonder if we had met an angel.  We were delighted how it all came together, and know Mum would have loved it, and you too. As I mentioned, several people thought you must have known Mum...The ultimate compliment.!
Janine and Karen

Janine & Karen & family

"To dearest Susan, I can't begin to express our gratitude for the beautiful service you performed yesterday for mum. 

The service, your words, the sharing of mum's life with us was spoken with such warmth, compassion and expression.  I felt an inner comfort and strength whilst  listening to you reminisce about mum's life.  I am sure the calmness you created in the chapel enabled me to have the courage to speak.

Then, you sang.  To hear your beautiful voice and such a lovely song, wow!!!  It was just amazing and truly completed the service.  I felt uplifted by your singing and it brought a loving smile to my face.  Everyone  in the chapel could not stop talking about you and how beautiful the service was. 

Mum would have truly loved every aspect of yesterday.  I am sure it was everything that she would have wanted.  Your attention to every detail, the absolutely gorgeous flowers, the smooth running of the service and the simplicity yet elegance with which you delivered it was absolutely perfect. 

I can't thank you enough for making mum's farewell so special for us all."

Kerrie R

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